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Car Phone Holder and Charger

10W Fast Charging

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Car Phone Holder and Charger

comes with the intelligent car search function

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Car Phone Holder and Charger

Anti-scratch & anti-slip rubber material base padding for a secure and safe grip

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Wireless Automatic Sensor Car Phone Holder and Charger

Product Description

Infrared Auto-sensing & Single-handed Operation

When put the phone near 3 cm to the infrared auto-sensing area of car phone holder, the width of holder can be flexibly adjusted to hold phones of size from 4.0″-6.0″ automatically.

Strong Suction Cup & Adjustable Viewing

You have multiple installations of the wireless car charger holder, the fully 360-degree rotation allows for optimum viewing and easier use of functions.


 Anti-scratch & anti-slip rubber material base padding for a secure and safe grip, allowing for a worry-free trip.

10W Fast Charging

Adopts high charging efficiency upgraded independent coil, Qi wireless fast charging provides up faster charge than most wireless car chargers mounts in the market

lntelligent Finding the car

Our car wireless charger comes with the intelligent car search function. Use your mobile phone scan and download the iPark APP in the manual, which makes you can find your car easily through APP

Package Contents

  • 1* Wireless Charger
  • 1* Air Vent Clip
  • 1* USB-Type-C Cable
  • 1* User Manual

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee


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  • Do not order if you are a doubting Thomas
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