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Inflates tyres in minutes- it’s handy roadside saviour!

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Easy-to-Read Analog Pressure Gauge

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Great for Bikes, Balls, Kiddie Pools, Air Mattresses and More!

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Easy-to-Read Analog Pressure Gauge, Turbo-Powered Air Makes Inflating Easy, Great for Bikes, Balls, Kiddie Pools, Air Mattresses and More!

Comes with Two Adapter Pins, Portable and fits in your trunk, Built-in LED light.

Inflates tyres in minutes- it’s handy roadside saviour, Plugs into your 12-volt car outlet so no need to charge batteries, 14-foot power cable reaches all your tyres easily

Perfect for all those ‘holiday’ and outdoor inflatables, LED light takes the guesswork out of late night emergencies, High pressure hose, and additional balloon and ball adapter pins included, Components: Motor Air Pump, Input voltage: 12V, Input current: 10A.

Now There’s a Better Way to Inflate Everything
Be Prepared in an Emergency When Travelling

Don’t let a flat tire slow you down! Air Dragon portable air compressor works with your car’s 12-volt outlet to get you back on the road again. Simply plug in the adapter, attach the flexible hose to the tire and pull the trigger for turbo-powered air that inflates in no time.

Take the Guesswork out of Inflation

Handy unit features an easy-to-read analog pressure gauge. Now, you don’t have to stop inflating to check your pressure with a hand-held gauge. Just set the correct number on the screen of the Air Dragon and start inflating. The unit stops when you’ve reached the perfect pressure. It also has a built-in light for hands-free use at night!

Not Just for Car Tires

Air Dragon is versatile, too! No more old-fashioned pumps or using your mouth and wasting your breath. This handy compressor comes with two adapter pins that are great for inflating bicycle tires, balls, air mattresses, kiddie pools, floats and more. Compact plastic design.


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